Buying gifts for kids is a confusing shopping adventure. You have to be very precise while selecting a toy keeping in mind the age of your kid and fondness to something in particular. Like all the other industries, toy industry has followed the trails of advancements and has introduced toys that seemed impossible decades back. With san abundance variety of products, people get confused while making choices and think whether the toys they are picking will be appreciated by kids or not?

If you are one of those confused parents or relatives, you don’t need worry anymore as we have outlined the trending toys of the year that kids of today admire and want to have. Snag the opportunity and save your time while picking up the right toys for kids. Toys on the list have high ratings and awesome reviews, which made them trending and to know what we have listed for you, hop down and get acknowledged.

The Anki Cozmo Robot

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This expensive toy is priced around $180 at online retailers, but is definitely worth so much money. If you have ever seen a robot movie, you will be able to connect with the toy easily as it is a real life robot produced with amazing features for kids and adults to enjoy their time playing with it. You will find challenges; games and best of all is the explorer mode that will help you see various perspectives of different things.

It is a perfect pick for kids, which is not only used as a toy, but educates as well. Available in the interstellar blue finish that compliments its adventurous personality. The toy is hyped over the internet and will definitely be a great option to select for your kid.

Polly Pocket Hidden In Plain Sight Dance Par-Taay Case

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The polly pocket case is the next amazing toy on our list. Many people get confused when they see it as it seems no more than a case, but it opens up to reveal a multilevel dance party. As you open the case, you get to see a fully organized and furnished dance floor with a DJ booth, buffet, stage, entry way and a limo. It is a mini sized dance party case equipped with all the stuff one needs to organize a party.

Kids will enjoy spending time planning out parties with the toy. Thanks to its size, it is easily portable and is a great option to take on the go anywhere. The toy is highly affordable and costs around $25 at various online stores. Grab this cute little toy to make your kid happy on her birthday.

L.O.L Surprise Toys

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There is no doubt that L.O.L toys have stunned the world with its incredible toy, but this one particular surprise toy has a separate fan base. Trending online, the L.O.L surprise toy definitely deserved a place on our list. It is an electronic ball with sounds and assorted characters that pop out when the timer stops. You must have played passing the parcel in your childhood. It is a similar game, but with advancements. Kids will enjoy playing the vintage game with the L.O.L surprise toy and this mystery game will provide hours and hours of fun.

To play, begin with starting the timer. It will produce its own sound and as the toy is passed around the circle, a character will pop out of the ball when timer ends. Each time a different character will pop out and that is what makes the game interesting. To spend fun and quality time with your kids, get your hands on this extremely affordable toy, which is available online at a price of $20.

Calico Critters Grand Department Store Gift Set

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Calico Critters have been a part of the industry since decades and now has an expanded line of characters that are loved by kids. It is an all in one gift set with department store building, furniture, accessories and figures with working lifts and doors.  It is an amazing toy for kids aged three or above. It will help develop your child’s creative skills by stimulating imaginative role playing. The product costs around $120, but you can enjoy discounts by shopping online.