Have you been planning a picnic to the beach lately, but waiting for the perfect day when the weather is just right for a beach day? To have a great experience at the beach, you not only have to focus on selecting the right day for the picnic, but also need to have latest beach essentials to spend quality time at the beach. Once you feel that it is the right time to visit the beach, make sure that you have everything on your checklist before heading to the beach. To have an ultimate beach day, we have garnered a list of essentials that will help you have maximum fun at the beach. Continue reading to know what these things are to grab them before your next visit to the beach this summer!

An Exotic Swimwear

The most important thing or the first essential that one requires to have gala time at the beach is an exotic swimwear. Of course, you won’t be heading to the beach without carrying a super cute swimwear along as it has always been a beach essential for decades. But, if you are one of those who haven’t updated their swimwear collection for very long, then you won’t be having too much fun. With the jaw dropping variety available at the store, use this opportunity to show off your curves in style by wearing an exotic swimsuit.  With the latest styles, you can rock the day and use the opportunity to snap some amazing pictures to post on social accounts.

A Dependable Sunscreen

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While you are at the beach, it is important to apply sunscreen to your body to avoid skin diseases. During your time at the beach, you are more exposed to the sun, which emits Ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer. Dermatologists suggest applying sunscreen at all times during the day, whether you are at home or office as UV rays can’t be blocked by typical windows and affect your skin.

Have fun in the sun, but make sure to apply the only defense against harmful rays to avoid painful burns and other skin issues.  This beach essential should be at the very top of your checklist. Thanks to medical advancements, there is a wide range of sunscreens available that are made of natural ingredients and provide high SPF protection. Make sure to reapply the protection if you plan to stay longer at the shore.

Deluxe Beach Towel

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 A beach towel is a must have for the picnic as you need it for multiple purposes. However, your trip won’t be ultimate if you just grab your old towel and head to the beach. For the optimum beach experience, you should opt for better options available at stores. Basically a resort sized towel is what you should carry with you as it just won’t be limited for drying your body, but can also be used as a mat to lay down for sun bathing. Moreover, a deluxe towel also features sand repelling option, which doesn’t allow sand to stick to your towel and make it useless. For an ultimate beach experience, shop a deluxe towel if you don’t own it already.

Trending Glasses And Hats

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If you have plans for soaking in the sun, it is highly recommended by experts to apply precautions before doing that. A good sunscreen will repel the UV rays, but what about the eyes and other parts of the body? To protect your eyes, you need a pair of trending sunglasses that are capable of blocking bright rays while giving your outfit some much needed style cred. Moreover, a big floppy hat will be a great addition to your beach looks and will also help covering your face from the sun by providing shade. So, these two things are much needed to have an ultimate beach day.

Activities For People Who Get Bored

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It happens a lot in beach picnics that people get bored because of lack of entertainment. You might have planned to lie on sand all day long, but if you are visiting the beach with family or friends, they can get easily bored. So, bring a few activities along just in case like magazines to read, a volley ball to play or a kite to fly. Make sure to carry something for entertainment if you are going to the beach with a group of friends or family for an entertaining beach day rather than a boring one.