V-logging is currently the most influenced digital business that has attracted people from every age sector to start earning through this platform. it all started with people making short videos and using social platforms like YouTube to create their channel and earn from viewership. However, today V-Logging is far better than it was as many V-Loggers have raised the level of V-Logging by traveling to the exotic destinations around the globe and showing followers how beautiful it is. It is a very reliable source of earning, but every newbie in the industry should know how to work as a professional. If you are setting yourself towards V-Logging, we have curated a list of gadgets that you should own to make quality content without any hassle.  

KUVRD Universal Lens Cap

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Camera and lenses are the most important assets of v-loggers and it is your duty to keep your stuff safe while using them to shoot videos. With your things under high protection, you will be able to use them to create wonders and get appreciable remarks from your followers. A great camera with ranges of lenses is necessary for this business, which can be expensive. To keep your lenses safe and protected from water, dust and shock, you should use the KUVRD Universal Lens Cap. It is made of silicone, which stretches and fits easily on the lens and protects them from any calamity. It is a highly affordable gadget and can be purchased online. Protect your expensive assets to work hassle free and create great content with them.

Tenikle 2

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While you are traveling to make a new video for your channel, it will be great to only carry portable stuff. However, you do need some supporting stuff to work with perfection, but they aren’t easy to carry because of their size. Things like a tripod stand are at the very top of this list. You need a tripod to make a stabilized video and we have just the best replacement for a tri pod that is not only cheap, but will be a great traveling companion. The Tenikle 2 is one of the best gadgets currently available for the business.

The product is very cheap, but it’s the simplest solution to your problem. It is made of high quality material with suctions that are powerful enough to wrap around objects and stick to smooth surfaces. The best thing about this insane gadget is that you can bend it and shape it the way you want. Shape it as a stick to take great selfies or bend it to make tripod stand and capture stable shots. Thanks to the compact size, it will easily fit in your pockets and luggage.

RODE VideoMic Pro+

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Well, it’s not just a good camera or lens that you need to make an epic video, but a quality microphone is also required to have better sound quality in your video. The RODE VideoMic Pro+ is the next product on our list that will really help new v-loggers create quality content with great sound and awesome video quality. This particular product is better than its previous version with few enhancements made by the company like an improved windshield, a new detachable 3.5mm output cable, improved battery and power and etc. The product costs around $299 and will be of a great help with your business. It is the best variant available with average price and amazing features and is sure worth spending your money on.  


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The platypod appears to be small, but is one of the most versatile camera accessories one can find on the internet. At times you have to take shots that seem difficult in the absence of right tools like covering a shot at uneven terrain. Platypod is built to stabilize mirror less and small DSLR when shooting on uneven terrain. The product will mostly come in to use when you are shooting on mountains or in forests.

There are two variants of the platypod, one is the ultra and the one is max. Ultra allows you to mount smaller DSLRs with different screw threads and tightening traps whereas the max works with only large DSLRs and video cameras. The product can be bought easily online without splurging too much cash.

These are some amazing gadgets or accessories for v-loggers that will help you with your business. Most of the products are easily available and can be bought without breaking the bank. To create amazing content and yield fast following you should definitely own these gadgets.