You must have heard people talking about their busy schedule and how they couldn’t focus on their fitness. They don’t get time to be at gyms and workout under expert guidance, but if you are dedicated enough there are tremendous options available to focus on your fitness. You will find amazing workout tips to practice at home and achieve your fitness goals

However, if you feel that you need experts advice to workout properly there are amazing fitness apps available that fitness freaks can use to workout with experts assistance. As there are tremendous options available, so it can be confusing while selecting, so we have curated a list of apps that are actually best and should be used in 2019 to focus on fitness.

Nike+ Run Club

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As you know Nike is one the most popular sports brand that offers great quality sports merchandise. Fitness is incomplete without wearing the right gears and what could be best than getting your hands on Nike products. Just as the company is known for producing high quality sports gear, Nike has introduced a fitness app called Nike+ Run Club for people who couldn’t visit gyms to focus on their fitness. The app is very innovative and has a lot of amazing features that will be helpful with workouts.

The app is perfect for people who prefer traditional workouts like running and jogging to stay fit. The Nike+ Run Club fitness app tracks your runs via GPS, has audio-guided runs for newbie and personalized coaching plans for racers. The workouts will help strengthening your body while building your speed and endurance. Moreover, the app has motivational tools and amazing challenges that you can take to achieve fitness goals faster. The app is available on Android and iOs for free.


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If you are one of those who prefer weightlifting to stay fit, but don’t get time to visit gyms, you should download the Fitbod app. the app is available for free on iOs and has amazing plans for you to handle your fitness. It uses artificial intelligence to build up your workout plans by learning your workout history.

The app personalizes plans that will motivate you and exceed your limitations depending on your goals, preferences and equipment available. It is an interesting app that will guide you with the weight, reps and sets you should practice. With the app in hand, you don’t need personal assistance from trainer as it will provide complete assistance.


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Consulting a nutritionist can be expensive as you know that it is more a trend than a need to seek guidance from specialists. Well, with the next app in line, you don’t need to visit a nutritionist to live a healthy life. Fitness is not just about workouts, you also have to focus on your diet as well, so the next app on the list is the 8Fit app. the app is available on both iOs and Android for free and is the best option for people who want to outsource their fitness and nutrition planning.

Downloading the app means that you don’t have to pay extra to get fitness and nutrition assistance as the app provides personal trainer and nutritionist under one roof. Depending on your goals and current stats, the app makes exercise and meal plans that will help you stay fit. You will also find at home HIIT workouts and nutritionist created recipes for you to stay fit.


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When you have a completely choked schedule, you can’t focus on other activities like workouts or watching your favorite series on Netflix. However, with our next app you can do your workouts without consuming much time. The app is especially designed for people who have busy schedule, but are conscious about their fitness. The sworkit app provides customized programs that will allow you to have solid and targeted workouts that you can practice according to your schedule. You will get multiple workout options depending on your priorities, whether you want to focus on strengthening your muscles or cardio exercises. The app is available on Android and iOs for free and people who can’t focus on their fitness should use the app to focus on their fitness.